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Malaysia Glass Supplier

GAR Lightglass Sdn Bhd (“GAR”) supplies and installs a broad range of interior and decorative glass for bungalows, hotels, offices, factories, and buildings. We specialize in custom design glass, stained glass (sometimes known as SGO Glass), coloured glass (sometimes known as glass coat), laminated glass, frosted glass, formed glass (sometimes known as ozone glass), other textured glass, and antique mirror. GAR also provides a crime prevention solution with anti-crime safety glass / security glass together with uPVC windows and doors system.


Our list of products that can be customised for use as feature wall, glass table tops, glass balustrades, glass partitions, glass signages and colour glass wall cladding is as follows:-


  • Glass art resin panels
  • Colored coated glass
  • Decorative art glass door
  • Resin laminated glass and mirror
  • Anti crime and security / safety glass
  • Kiln, fusion and texture glass
  • Custom sandblasting designs


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