About Us

About Us

GAR LightGlass Sdn Bhd (“GAR”) is a company incorporated in Malaysia and established since 2003. Ever since, GAR has been focusing on a “One Stop Glass Source” and contributing valuable advice for Interior as well as architectural glass application. In view of the unlimited desires in the world of art and design, GAR will remain faithful and courageous in making every effort to satisfy our customer needs.


GAR supplies and installs a broad range of interior and decorative glass, customized to their owner's or interior designers' needs to bungalows, hotels, office tower, factories and buildings. We specialize in decorative and security glass with products as follows:-


  • Custom design interior glass
  • Glass art resin panels
  • Colored coated glass
  • Decorative art glass door and shower screen
  • Resin laminated glass and mirror
  • Anti crime and security glass
  • Glass wall and glass sky roof
  • Kiln, fusion and texture glass
  • Glass art painting workshop
  • Custom design premium item


In order to provide a better choice of products GAR is working closely with :


    Manufacture specialist glass products for safety and security installations
    Manufacture UPVC windows and doors. Products are specially formulated for tropical durability and come complete with core reinforcement material

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