Color Coated

Colour Coated Glass (Color Coated)

GAR Colour Coated Glass

Coloured glass is an opaque glass with colour typically used for wall clading, and is widely used in kitchens, retail outlets, restaurants and offices. GAR uses a special bonding material for this back painted glass to ensure the safety of the glass when attached to walls. We matches your color to any RAL, Dulux or Pantone code for personalised colours. Cutouts and polished edges could be easily included if required. We provide colour coating on both tempered glass and float glass.

Colour Coated Glass - GAR customized the colour according to your needs

Coloured Glass as Back Splash for Binjai Apartment Kitchen

Restaurant - Design could be drawn and customized to your corporate logo

Green colour coated glass in hotel - As colour is opaque, can be used as room partition

color glass for wall

Coloured Glass for wall clading in Nilai Medical Institute - Nurse Station

Sample project - Wisma Denmark White Coloured Glass

Coloured glass with pattern on a glass balustrade in a restaurant

Coloured Glass and Custom Glass for Food Kiosk at Golden Screen Cinemas