Glass Balustrade & Partitions

Glass Balustrade & Partitions

Glass Walls, Balustrades and Partitions

Instead of using normal clear float glass, you can use GAR's customized decorative glass as a glass balustrade or partition, be it laminated glass, frosted glass, stained glass or colour glass. Some of our completed glass partition and balustrade projects with tempered glass are as follows:-

CIMB Bank Headquarters - Colour Tinted Glass Balustrade

Custom Design Pattern of Glass Partition for Shop in Pavillion, KL

Tempered Glass Balustrade in Alam Warisan, Putrajaya

Lotus Art Retail Shop at The Gardens Mid Valley

Glass Balustrade and Staircase for Bukit Pantai Residence

Clear Glass as Partition for project in Alam Warisan, Putrajaya